Adventure Education & Leadership Semester

A fantastic 3 month program for young adults to immerse themselves in the outdoors, as they learn the skills to travel, camp, paddle and climb in BC’s coast mountains. Discover how leadership principles are applied in practical situations and  experience the joys of sharing the adventure with others. The growth will be tangible. The memories will last a lifetime.



Length: 3 months

Start: January 1st

End: March 31st

Cost: $3300

Location: Hope, BC

Schedule: Mon-Fri

Deposit: $300

Room & Board: Yes

Application: Oct 31

Participants: 8



To equip, encourage and motivate young adults to face life’s challenges with skill purpose, and vision. To do this, we bring together a small group of men and women who desire to grow and develop under the skilled mentorship of more mature leaders. The wilderness is used as the context of this development, as it is often a great catalyst for stretching ourselves beyond our current limits into new territory.

Adventure is not in the guidebook;
Beauty is not on the map;
Seek and you will find.
— Jerry & Renny Russell

Course Outlines:


This part of the program includes learning the skills and know-how as we spend time hiking, paddling, camping, climbing and traveling together in the wild, rugged and beautiful mountains of BC’s west coast. Seriously experiential and highly rewarding!


Covering many core components such as weather, geology, west coast history, astronomy and risk management, this section of the program forms a solid learning basis for the important features found in the outdoors.


For those wanting to pursue additional technical training, we offer the possibility of getting several outdoor certifications in a variety of disciplines at a subsidized cost. This is an optional program that can be discussed upon enrolment.


This is where we implement some core leadership principles and through various activities, seek to put into practice the theoretical concepts. This is more than just understanding leadership, it’s applying it in a meaningful context.


From learning to navigate with a map and compass to cooking a good meal in the outdoors, from learning to tie knots & hitches to practicing survival skills, this facet of the program is both rewarding and fun.


Discover the rewards and challenges of living in a tight knit community as we learn, grow and experience life together. You'll find yourself developing in your personal understanding of group dynamics and how to strive towards healthy and positive outcomes.