Community & Personal Growth

Course Overview

This part of the program encompasses various key features to promote the well-being of each of us as individuals as well as the community as a whole. We take time to investigate wholesome lifestyles in what we think, say, and do, and how growth happens in our lives.


Living in Community & Serving Well

Discover the joys, hopes and struggles that come with living in a close knit community and strive to make the experience meaningful and rewarding. Topics such as  service, care, authenticity and personality types are presented, examined, and discussed.


Nutrition & Health

Living a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge, and in this class we tackle some of the science and protocols for achieving and maintaining optimal health. We discuss nutrition, heathy eating, detoxing our bodies, vitamins and minerals, medicinal plants, juicing, and the pros and cons of the various diets that currently exist today.


Conflict Resolution & Peacemaking

Understanding the dynamics of conflict and learning the skills to bring connection and unity. By dissecting the anatomy of a conflict, we attempt to use well established tools to defuse tense situations, and apply strategic principles to reduce discord & misunderstandings.

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Growing Deeper Through Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual disciplines have been a cornerstone of growth for ages. Here we take time to understand the value of prayer, solitude, study, & fasting, and seek to implement them into our daily lives. In time, we watch as new habits take root.

Mission, Vision & Living with Purpose

As we unwrap and discover our purpose, and clarify our vision, we discover a deep passion in our lives that can fulfill us and transform our spheres of influence. This class will help you better understand who you are, your unique giftedness, your strengths and weaknesses and the calling you have in life.

Theology, Science & Apologetics

As we carefully examine what is laid out in Scripture, and contrast that with scientific discoveries, the results are nothing short of amazing. We’ll discover though powerful presentations that all of creation points in one direction and intelligent design has great merit and validity.