Mountain Classics

Following the upward or downward path wherever your hands and feet will take you.

Rock climbing

A fantastic course to not only get you into the vertical world, but also to teach you some fundamental climbing techniques, solid rope management skills as well as a variety of safe anchor set ups and standard belaying practices. Come join us for a great day outdoors on some clean granite.

 2 days      $149/person


There is nothing like traveling with everything you need on your back, and this course will help you gain additional know-how, tips and practices to make your time outdoors comfortable and rewarding.  We help you with gear tips, clothing choices and menu ideas as you embark on an adventure of a lifetime.

 3 Days      $159/person


Strap on that helmet and headlamp, a pair of coveralls and gloves and join us on an underground adventure where teamwork, communication, resilience and determination will help you discover a whole new world below your feet. You may even learn something to bring back home with you.

 1 day          $40/person


A rugged and truly physical course where we take on some moderate peaks and give you a solid foundation from which you can develop your skills in the future. Avalanche awareness, ice axe technique as well as safe and effective mountain travel are all included.

 4 days    $289/person


Not up for a multi-day with a heavy pack? Join us for a great alternative as we day hike into the sub-alpine with a lighter load and the opportunity to see some incredible vistas, wildflowers and maybe even some mountain wildlife.

 1 day        $45/person