Safety Training

For those wanting to pursue additional technical training, we offer the possibility of getting several outdoor certifications in Wilderness First Aid, avalanche training, rock rescue training and VHF radio operation. We partner with specialized guides, instructors and organizations to bring you the most current education and skill development available.

$280 per person for 2 day program. Call for details.

Wilderness first aid

A Wilderness First Aid course  can be a valuable asset in the the event of an illness or injury in the backcountry. This two day course will give you the training and know how to deal with many injuries common in the wilderness and increase your confidence on the trail.


This foundational avalanche training course brings skiers, snowboarders and snowshoers up to speed on the essential safety knowledge and skill to travel in the backcountry. You’ll learn about terrain assessment, increasing your safety margins, and practice rescue drills.

Rock rescue

Intended for outdoor recreation users who want to increase their ability to deal with unforeseen and challenging situations in the vertical realm, this course will help you gain the skills needed to deal with stuck ropes, lowering systems, hauling mechanisms, stuck rappellers and much more.

VHF Radio Operator

The Maritime Radio Course is an important certification for those boating in coastal waters.  Upon the completion of the course and exam, you will obtain the paperwork that entitles you to operate a VHF Marine Band Radio on a voluntarily fitted vessel. An essential and valuable tool to have on our rugged coasts.