Leadership Development

Course Overview

This is where we implement some core leadership principles and through various activities, seek to put into practice the theoretical concepts. This is more than just understanding leadership, it’s applying it in a meaningful context.


Expedition Skills

Every trip involves planning, and this class will cover all the necessary elements to help any expedition get off on the right foot. From the initial rationale, to logistics, food, equipment and staffing, as well as activities, travel and clean up, we cover a  multitude of important topics to ensure a successful trip.


Group Facilitation

Working with groups takes skill, experience and knowledge. Here we will look at learning transfer, participant empowerment, guidelines, as well as framing & front loading the experience, and leading a good debriefing session. In all, practice of various facilitation techniques will take place throughout the program.

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Leadership Foundations

Understanding leadership styles, roles, orientation and power will help us in our discussion of effective leadership, and how to primarily lead ourselves well. We will be examining good communication, problem solving, sound judgment and decision making as topics.

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Leadership at the Edge

This class will add to the foundations as we delve into what it takes to perform at the edge. This is where fear, courage and resilience play key roles in our ability to lead well and how issues of integrity and mentoring are necessary to excel at higher levels of leadership.

Risk Management

A constructive and insightful study on the inherent risks associated with the outdoor education field and how to manage these risks with a reasonable and straightforward approach. We will discuss safety plans, evacuations, searches, and protocols for requesting outside assistance. Also liability, negligence and documentation are looked at as well.


An important cornerstone of good outdoor leadership will involve keeping ourselves in good physical shape. In this class we will establish a personal baseline from which to start, then establish realistic and achievable goals for aerobic and anaerobic improvement. With weekly check-ins and progress reports, we quickly see good results.